Interview for Expresso

Cecília Roque was interviewed for the “O Futuro do Futuro” podcast, where she explained how our research group has been developing an electronic nose with the potential to diagnose diseases such as bladder cancer or parkinson’s disease.Listen 🎧 to the podcast here and find out more!

New paper!

A new paper is out!In this work, the authors Carina Esteves and Cecília Roque explore “Short Peptide and Amino Acid-Based Supramolecular Ionogels and Eutectogels”. This work was developed under the scope of hashtag#SCENT_project and hashtag#ENSURE_project.Well done! 👍 For more info 👉 check the QR Code or click here.

New project- Affi-Pred

New project alert! Affi-Pred is our laboratory’s most recent project about computational Toolbox for Discovery of new Affinity Ligands. Affinity ligands are key molecules in biopharmaceutical purification. The project focuses on using of molecular modeling techniques for the development of an innovative algorithm “Affi-Pred” (Affinity ligand Predictor), to apply in the discovery of next-generation synthetic …

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Theatre play PURE

Today, at the READ ON Almada Festival, we had the opportunity to watch the theatre play created to promote our PURE project to children from various schools in the Lisbon/Setúbal district.It is our mission to ensure that science reaches different age groups and it was with this in mind that we created a script about …

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International Conference on Bio-sensing Technology

Have you ever wanted to know more about artificial olfaction and (bio)sensing or even if olfaction-inspired tecnologies are the future of diagnostics?Carina and Susana answered these and other questions at the 8th Edition of the International Bio-sensing Technology Conference last week.

National Scientists Day

On May 16th was the National Scientist Day. We work daily to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and thus to the progress and well-being of society.

Biophysics Festival

The 4th edition of Biophysics Festival, a meeting of young biophyscists took place at Covilhã and our biomengs (Carlos, Inês, Arménio, Cátia and Jéssica) couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend it.Arménio, Cátia and Jéssica represented our team presenting posters whereas Carlos gave a lecture about “Novel affinity reagent for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein”.Congrats to all!🎉

BioProcess International Europe

Arménio Barbosa attended the Bioprocess International Europe in Viena between the 9th and 12th April.Our researcher presented his poster about “In silico Affinity ligands: Design and Discovery of small molecule adsorbents”.

Expo FCT

Last week we attended the Expo FCT at NOVA FCT where we explained our research projects to the visiting students. Students could see the work of the e-nose device and its application for bladder cancer diagnostics (Ensure project), the versability of proteins’ application in sensing (Proteios Project) and the importance of efficient bioseparation on the production of …

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New paper

Excited to share great news! We have a freshly published paper in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. In this work, the authors explore “An odorant-binding protein based electrical sensor to detect volatile organic compounds”. This work was developed under the scope of #SCENT_project and #ENSURE_project. Congratulations to the authors!For more info 👉 check the QR Code …

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