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Margarida Dias present a lecture on October 18th entitled “Biotechnology and its impact in the pharmaceutical industry” at 57º Semana Universitária Paulista de Farmácia e Bioquímica, University of São Paulo (SUPFAB 2023). 


 WE ARE HIRING  Three open positions in our lab to join the PURE project: ( BI/06-2023/BM-PURE) (BI/05-2023/BM-PURE) (BI/04-2023/BM-PURE) More about this EU-funded FET-OPEN project and partners: JOIN OUR TEAM AND APPLY NOW

Open Position

We have an open position for a postdoctoral fellow to join the PURE project: More about this EU-funded FET-OPEN project and partners:

PURE In A Nutshell!

Do not miss the 1st episode of  #PURE_project In A Nutshell!

New Paper

We have a freshly published paper in Applied Physics Reviews. In this work, the authors explore “Textural landscapes of VOC-sensitive chiral liquid crystal-based materials”. This work was developed under the scope of #SCENT_project and # ENSURE_project. Congratulations to the authors! For more info: check the QR Code or doi: 10.1063/5.0136551

PURE Leaflet

#PURE_project is developing novel purification adsorbents designed to make the purification of biological drugs more sustainable and cost-effective. Curious? See more on our Leaflet or website.

Master Student 

Welcome to the team!Susana Fernandes is a Master Student in Biomedical Engineering at NOVA School of Science and Technology . She will be working on her master thesis entitled  “Non-Invasive urologic tumours monitoring with an e-nose: time series analysis and machine learning algorithms for odour signal processing” under the scope of the #ENSURE_project.We wish you …

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Conference Poster

Last week, Carolina Natal took part in the #BIOSTEC2023 conference, in Lisbon, with a poster presentation. This scientific work results in a collaboration with CeNTI- Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials and Neutroplast.

Winter Symposium 2023

Last week, we kicked off the new year with our Winter Symposium. It was a great day to plan our future work and to discuss our latest achievements. We wish you all a good year! #ENSURE_project #PURE_project #PROTEIOS_project #SMASUS_project