The European funded Research and Innovation Action project PROSPLIGN- PROSPecting natural LIGNin biodiversity towards unlocking value-added bioactive motifs and molecules – has kicked-off last week in Dublin. The project coordinated by KelAda Pharmachem and with a collaborative consortium formed by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, University of Helsinki, Fundacion MEDINA, University College Dublin, Magfi and Bern University of Applied Sciences aims to employ state-of-the-art methodologies to identify compounds within lignin and validate its bioactive potential for application in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and fragrances markets.

The research team from the Biomolecular Engineering Lab at UCIBIO- NOVA University of Lisbon- lead by Cecília Roque will specifically contribute with developed unique innovative bioinspired olfaction technologies to discover lignin-derived molecules with commercial potential for fragrances industry.

Lignin is a natural, abundant and sustainable biopolymer component of lignocellulosic biomass, therefore the unlock of this material’s potential by this project will prove that technological and scientific innovation can and should significantly contribute towards a sustainable and green chemistry.